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Child and Health Care Overseas

Canadian Volunteer Work Abroad in Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal

Why child and health care volunteer work overseas?

Volunteer doctors and other healthcare volunteers work with children

Good health care is taken for granted by us, the privileged, but the poor can not take it for granted in countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal where there is little health care available for the poor.  
Child and health care volunteer work can contribute to better health for both children and adults.  Without good health people do not learn.  Without education their opportunities to improve themselves remain quite limited.  Poor health not only impedes personal growth but also drains resources from those around them, resources that are all too often quite scarce to begin with, so the entire community suffers.
With Openmind Projects you can find child and health care volunteer opportunities in Thailand, Nepal and Cambodia.  Volunteers on a gap year or career break can care for children and poor people who might otherwise have few health care resources in their lives.  Volunteering in an orphanage or a child care centre can give underprivileged children the attention they love to get while helping them to a better chance of living independently in the future. 

Childcare ans work in hospitalQualified volunteers can bring much needed experience and skills to supplement those of the staff in health care centers and hospitals.  Helping to improve the English language skills of the staff can facilitate their access to a broader range of medical information and resources.  
A volunteer is a welcome help, and in turn the volunteer experience will benefit you!  Volunteering in a child/health care setting in another culture provides a unique window into cross cultural understanding and can bring you new insights into global child/health care systems.  Child/health care work in a different cultural setting will develop you as an individual.  You return home with more self-confidence and more empathy for and understanding of underprivileged people. 
You can contribute to the future of children and people who are left behind with insufficient care.

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Where Canadian volunteers can go

Child care volunteers are welcome to do volunteer work abroad, to go where other overseas volunteers don’t go, in Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal.  With Openmind Projects you find child care volunteer opportunities at schools, orphan homes, homes for the disabled and nursery schools and child centers

What Canadian volunteers can do

Many volunteers work with children and health care teaching good health care practices, English and other skills in places other overseas volunteers don’t go!  The most important qualities that you as a volunteer overseas need to possess are patience, adaptability to different work and living conditions, compassion and a desire to help.  Some health care volunteers need to be medically qualified, some don’t.  Local conditions are often basic and staff overworked or less qualified.  Volunteers may provide the extra resource or skill to make a significant difference.  

 heath care volunteer abroad
Local placements have their own specific needs so volunteer tasks can include a wide array of activities.  Volunteers with a qualified medical background in health care can provide welcome assistance in health centers and hospitals in helping the staff work with patients.

As a child care volunteer you activate the kids while teaching basic English and social and life skills by getting involved in the day-to-day life at the child center or orphanage.  There is scope for many talents you may bring: arts and crafts or singing and music are always popular activities as are sports and games.  

In child centers and orphanages our volunteers are often in involved in teaching medical or health care issues or personal hygiene.  You may be helping the children with their homework on their return from school.

Volunteering in child care projects, you'll be working with children of different ages.  You'll might help with a variety of activities such as art, games and songs, and assist local staff to develop stimulating new ideas to interest young children's learning.  You can do many things, such as helping to prepare meals, providing personal hygiene advice, teaching English and literacy skills or possibly giving children a nice break by taking them out.  Any encouragement you offer goes a long way towards building a child's self esteem and confidence.

The volunteer work can be challenging at times but the needs of the children should inspire you to persevere.

Volunteer abroad in Thailand in child care centers, in Nepal at homes for war orphans or in Cambodia with landmine victims or street children if you want to volunteer and get involved in work with children in Cambodia or Nepal.


Request a placement recommendation to find out more details.

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Orphanage Volunteer Abroad

Make a difference in the lives of poor children in Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal by getting involved in orphanage volunteer abroad work there.  Help vulnerable children.  Give them hope, take care of their immediate needs and provide training for a better future.  Volunteer work with local schools, orphanages, shelters, clinics or vocational training centers to help children!

Elder Care Volunteers

Make a difference in the lives of the poor elderly if you want to volunteer and improve the quality of life and provide needed care and attention in Thailand, Cambodia or Nepal.

Despite the significance of family and respect for elders in Southeast Asia, many elderly people are alone without a family and some get insufficient support from under-resourced local organizations.  Volunteers help reduce this deficit in resources to assist the elderly to better lives.

Child and Health Care Volunteer Work Abroad, in Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal.



Canadian Volunteer Work Abroad in Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal

Why child and health care volunteer work overseas? 

Child and Health Care